Avis Offers Long Term Rental

Complex solution for your mobility from 1 to 11 months

Business demands a quick reaction on changing conditions? We have found a flexible transport solution aimed to increase your work efficiency. This solution is Office Car* (*Avis Flex).

Office Car it is a car-assistant. It helps to solve any tasks or questions without expenses for its purchase and service.
This service is an ideal decision in case when you:
  • launch your own business
  • develop pilot project
  • wait for car delivery ordered from dealer

Also when:
  • number of cars in your fleet doesn’t cover current demand
  • cars are under the long repair or had an accident
  • temporary/part-time employees of your ompany need carswait for car delivery ordered from dealer

Using Office Car you get the same volume of services as when using leasing and spend as little time as when you take short-term rental. All you need is to fill your Office Car. Avis will care about the rest service and technical questions!

Avis Flex – profitable financial operation

Monthly payment includes a wide range of options and services:
  • insurance (CDW, TP, TPL)
  • mileage - 3500 km/month
  • 24/7 technical support on the road
  • regular maintenance
  • free tow truck
  • free repairs concerning car wear
  • free replacement car in case of accident or breakdown
  • Seasonal tires change and storage
  • Avis bag: first-aid-set, fire-extinguisher, tow, compressor, scraper, gloves, emergency sign, road map.

Avis Flex is flexible and mobile

If you already have done tasks which needed from you a car and rental agreement did not end yet, you can preliminary return the car without any penalties. Besides you always can change the car for a new one of higher or lower class during the term of the agreement*.
  • When the set task that required a car is completed and term of the agreement is not finished you can make a pre-term return without penalties (from 1 month rent period).
  • You always can change your car group for higher or lower one during the rental period*.

*Replacement of the car for the car of other class means change of the service cost.

Contact our agents to get additional information or place an order by phone number +38 044 502 20 10 or +38 067 216 61 13 . To place an order in regions please contact our offices.

To upload Avis Flex / Office Car broshure: Avis Flex_Office Car.pdf

Avis provides car leasing to legal entities and representations.

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