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We made this chapter because we are sure that acquaintance with Ukraine will come across as a lasting impression, will amaze and provoke you to know more and more about this beautiful country. Open Ukraine through its people, cuisine, historical places and humor. Of course open Ukraine with Avis!

Variety of historical, cultural and natural sights of Ukraine let any tourist choose a route he likes/wants.

You can visit churches of different religions and confessions, many of which are not only holy places but also historical and cultural monuments like the Saint Sofia Cathedral in Kyiv or Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra in Ternopilskyi region.

Ancient towns in Crimea are very popular among tourists, these are Chersonesos (Sevastopol) and Panticapaeum (Kerch), founded by ancient Greeks in the middle of the 1 century B.C. Those who like architecture can enjoy views of the Vorontsovsky Palace (Alupka, Crimea), the Swallow’s Nest (Gaspra, Crimea), the Potemkin Stairs (Odessa) and the Vyshnyvetskyi Palace (Ternopilskyi region).

You can return to the times of kings and knights while visiting ancient castles of Western Ukraine such as The Khotyn Fortress, Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress, Lubart's Castle in Lutsk and others.

For those who love landscape craft we recommend to visit the dendrological park Alexandria in Belaya Tserkov’ (Kyiv region), the national dendrological park “Sofievka” in Uman (Cherkasskyi region), and also the dendrological park of biosphere reserves “Askaniya-Nova” (Kherson region).

Among famous natural sights of Ukraine are unique Marble cave (Crimea), lakes Svytyaz (Volyn region)and Synevyr (Zakarpatska region) and Danube biosphere reserves (Odessa region).

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