We invite you for the excursion around one more metropolis together with Avis Ukraine.

Dnepropetrovsk or Ekaterinoslav was founded in ancient times and survived in times of conquerors. According to the original plan it was built as a "third capital of the Russian Empire". The city became one of the largest industrial, economic and transportation centers in Ukraine.

You start to learn the city from the car while arriving but it is better to continue excursion on foot, so you can make photos of the most interesting places. Perhaps the main attraction of the city is that it is situated on the both banks of the river Dnieper. Like the other cities Dnepropetrovsk distinguished itself in the Europe records book. In Dnepropetrovsk there is the longest embankment in Europe, its length is about 23 km. Here also there are 7 bridges that connect right and left banks and one pedestrian bridge to the Monastery Island. The Island was mentioned in the documents dating 1880, in 1999 in its northern part was built Orthodox church of St. Nicholas. This place always attracts people who come there to relax, breathe fresh air and spend free time.

If you continue the walk along the embankment you will see old unique bridges, take photos near nice Swan Fountain, which changes modes and which is about 50 meters high.
You can walk on the center direction or go by car. If you go by car it is better to leave it somewhere on the parking and don’t waste time in traffic jams. In the city center there is the largest collection of Scythian "women" in Ukraine, it is situated on the October square, near the History Museum. The collection counts about 80 stone sculptures, some of them nearly 5 000 years old. So if you want to touch the ancient times go to the museum direction and look at the sculptures.

Dnepropetrovsk is famous not only for its location or history, it is famous for the Nicholas church that was built in 1810 and Transfiguration Cathedral founded by Empress Catherine II, that are in 10 minutes from the center.

On the Karl Marx Prospect, the main street of the city there is the largest in the Ukraine and one of the largest in the world Diorama "Battle for Dnepr", created for the 30th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War.

If you come to Dnepropetrovsk with children, you will not be bored coz there are many entertainment places there. Together with children you can go to the planetarium on the 10, Rogalyova str. or to the circus that is on the 33, Lenin embankment, in 10 min from diorama. Also you can go to the Igroland, special play yards for kids that situated in malls and trade centers. Young people and parents can go to the carting in the Globa park and after spend nice time in cafes or restaurants with tasty food and sweets.

Dnepropetrovsk is a city that always develops; it constantly improves and moves forward step by step. Many times Avis organized excursions for our guests and clients around the city. And it will be an honor for us to organize an interesting tour for you around Dnepropetrovsk.

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