Donetsk is the city of miners. It is situated on the banks of the river Kalmius, and was founded in the XVII century by zaporozhskie and donskie cossacks. The official foundation year is 1869 when Welsh businessman John Hughes constructed a steel plant and opened few coal mines. Nowadays Donetsk is the largest industrial city in Ukraine, almost all sectors of national economy and industry are represented here.

Those people who have never been to Donetsk cannot even imagine how beautiful and modern it is. The main “pride” of the city for the last two years is Donbas Arena. This is a new stadium owned by the football club Shakhtar Donetsk. The stadium impresses everyone by its beauty and size. Inside Donbas Arena there is the biggest sport museum in the CIS. Near the stadium there is the biggest granite ball in the world that turns under the high pressure of water spurts. Territory around the stadium is beautiful as well, it has big park and fountain cascades, in autumn all trees in the park become orange just like official color of the favorite football team. It is not a problem if you go to Arena by car, there are few big parking yards where you can leave your car and enjoy the game or rest.

When you go from the stadium to the center on the way you will see many parks and gardens, real cannon called “Tsar pushka” that was presented in Donetsk by the Moscow mayor in 2001. The Donetsk cannon is a bit smaller than the original but it quickly became a local attraction. On the Pushkin boulevard there is a copy of the famous Mertsalov’s palm. Boulevard became a second home for writers, artists and craftsmen, who always gather here during the day. It is also a good place to buy unique souvenirs, small presents or order a portrait that will be ready in 15 minutes.

If you travel with children be sure that in Donetsk there are many places where you can go with them. There is a planeterium in the Sokol park, big dolphinarium called Nemo in the Shcherbakov park. After looking at stars and dolphins you can spend time in the park on special yards for kids or nice cafes. Talking about parks it should be emphasized that the most famous park in Donetsk is the park of Forged Figures. This is a unique place and only one in Ukraine. In the park there is a complete collection of forged zodiac signs, a copy of the UEFA Cup, heroes from fairy tales garden house for all who are in love. One more interesting place to visit in Donets is the National Local History Museum, you can go there by car, if you prefer to walk it will take around 20 minutes. Here displayed stuffed animals and birds, different kinds of tools and rare plant species.

After having dinner in one of the cozy restaurants with national or European food, you can go to the puppet theater together with children, they will definitely like it fabulous performance.
In Donetsk you can find amazing clocks. You can see them on gates, buildings, temples and towers. Each of them has long history and unique. Nowadays people pay less attention to them but all who are interested in history and architecture value and care about such things. Coz it is interesting to look at such clocks of different shape, style and music on the beginning of each hour.
Donetsk is a modern city at the same time with an interesting history and a lot of unique places and monuments. It worth to be seen and acquainted with. So don’t lose your chance and go there and be sure that this trip will be full of nice moments and memories.

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