Lviv it's an open air museum or western capital of Ukraine as it is called by people. This attractive and mysterious city has about 2000 historical, architectural and cultural monuments. It impresses every tourist and guest with its character, originality and hospitality. Arriving here you will understand that even one week is not enough to learn and enjoy city.

When you come here you will be captured by its narrow streets, small cozy cafes, buildings and palaces and special atmosphere. If you come to Lviv by plane or drive from the western border direction to the city center, you will surely pass by Arena Lviv. It is a new stadium that is built for EURO 2012.

Lviv’s center is Rynkova Ploshcha / Market Square. It is a center of all city life; various festivals, celebrations and concerts are held there. Rynkova Ploshcha is a unique place. There are houses and palaces that were built at the beginning of the 16-17 centuries, and each line of these buildings reminds a Middle Ages period. After excursion in the center you can make a coffee break at the famous café in the tram called "Old Town", which is located on the Galician square. Café is located in the real tram built in 1930s and decorated with black and white photos. You will like its interior, aromatic coffee and cakes. Those who are tired and don’t want to walk can continue their excursion on the tourist tram. Real tram for excursions is good for many foreign guests coz all information is translated into several languages.

Real connoisseurs of art will find many interesting places there. In Lviv there are many art galleries and museums. The largest are the A. Sheptytsky National Museum, the Ethnography Museum, the Museum of Old Ukrainian books, Lviv Art Gallery, Arsenal, pharmacy and brewery museums etc. Lviv counts 19 palaces that represent different architectural styles of 17th and 18th centuries, such as French baroque, empiric, neo-Gothic and others. As a result of preservation and respect to the monuments of history central part of Lviv was added to the list of World Heritage by the UNESCO.

While walking along twisting streets you will notice that there are a lot of cafes. Many years Lviv is called a capital of coffee and chocolate. People rest in small cafes and enjoy different kinds of coffee with chocolate or sweet cakes. It is interesting to know that the best chocolate candies are made in the Lviv Handmade Chocolate Shop. If you visit it you can buy candies and watch how they are prepared.

From the 15th century Lviv brewers keep brewing traditions in secret. Nowadays each guest can try real fresh beer prepared according to the old recipe and for a very reasonable price. The first brewery was opened here in 1715 since that time Lviv beer is famous in all Europe.

If you come to Lviv for a few days you can participate in some festivals. City is famous for different concerts, festivals, carnivals or simple celebrations which are held there on permanent basis. People from all over Ukraine and neighbor countries come there to take part in beer, coffee, cheese, wine, chocolate, donuts, folk and modern songs and crafts festivals and parades. So before planning your trip to Lviv check the festival schedule.
After living in Lviv, a week or a couple of days, you find yourself thinking that you want to stay here as long as possible.

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