The pearl near the sea is the second name of Odessa given to it by people many years ago. This city is known all over the world and it is situated on the intersection of national and international air- and waterways, roads.

When you come to Odessa by car, your heart starts beating faster when you see clear blue water of the firth on the both sides of the road, ten more minutes and you will be in this magnificent city. Why does everyone love it? We love it coz it is unique, multiethnic, impresses us with different dialects and traditions. People come here for holidays and everyone knows that Odessa is a wonderful place to rest.

Arriving to the city you breathe salty sea air and one wish you have is to go to the sea port, look at the ships and wonderful sea view. You can leave your car near Deribasovskaya and walk to the Potemkinskaya lestnitsa (staircase) that has 192 steps.
If you go downstairs you can walk along the wharf and take some photos near huge liners or ships. On the top of the Potemkinskaya lestnitsa there is a monument to Duke of Richelieu, who made a great contribution to the development and prosperity of the city. From the monument can continue your walk along boulevard. It is decorated with beautiful architectural ensembles, has monument to famous poet Pushkin, pedestrian bridge, central park, monument to the Unknown Sailor with eternal flame.

Everyone knows that it is impossible to be in Odessa and don’t walk on Deribasovskaya and Greek square. Local artists’ paintings you can see on the Sobornaya square, not far from here there is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. The theater is a card of both city and Ukraine, it had famous guests such as Shaliapin, Caruso, Sobinov, Pushkin, Chaikovsky, Rymskyi-Korsakov, Isadora Duncan and others.

Odessa is a capital of humor. First humor concert called Yumorina was held there in 1973. It gathered thousands of guests, comedians, KVN teams, orchestra, choral and dance groups, artists and representatives of local authorities. Nowadays it is truly national holiday and gathers guests not only from Ukraine but from many countries as well.

In middle of July Ukrainian and European celebrities come to Odessa to participate in the International Movie Festival. Program of the festival consists of 16 movies and the main criteria for the voting is bright and unusual sense of humor.

Odessa is not only the city of good mood and historical places; it always has good weather, nice beaches and warm water. People who come there to rest know that they will have exciting and unforgettable holidays. It is as well a very good place to come with children. You can go with them to the dolphinarium, zoo, swings and roundabouts, ropeway on the French boulevard; ride pony in the park, go to the sightseeing tour in arboretum, feed fishes in small ponds and rest near the music fountain in the evening.

Visit Odessa and you will not regret about it. Here you can find fun and rest of all kinds to fit any taste and budget. The city is interesting in any season so don’t think, just come and see it by yourself.

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