Name of the town Uzhgorod takes origin from the river Uzh that divides it into 2 parts. Uzhgorod is one of the oldest cities in Europe and was founded in the VIII century. Many times town was under the rule of various kingdoms and principalities, it was in the center of trade routes from Europe to Asia and won the title of the cultural center of Transcarpathia.

You can get to Uzhgorod by plane, train or car. The first variant is the fastest but if you chose to go by car it is a good idea. Going by car you have great opportunity to see the beauty of Carpathians and Transcarpathia from the window, spiral road that goes among evergreen mountains which tops are covered with light fog, rivers with crystal clean water and small villages with beautiful wooden houses.

Guests fall in love with Uzhgorod, with its beauty and original architecture styles that are result of the rule of Hungarians, Croats, Czechs and Russians on this territory. Streets with houses of unique beauty remind you Budapest and Debrecen. You can examine the city from the car but it is much better to walk and see each corner, street and feel the rhythm of the life of this medieval town.

The most famous tourist spot in town is the Uzhgorod castle. Its construction dates back to the VIII-IX centuries when this place served like a military defense for the eastern Slavonic tribes. Walls of the castle were built later and remained till our days. The castle is in 10 minutes from the center and is not far from the botanical garden.

You've probably heard that thousands of people gather in Uzhgorod in spring to see the blossoming cherry trees. In this period town turns into a large flower bed with blossoming trees and flowers. Cherry, magnolia, apple and pear trees of different colors attract many tourists, photographers and artists who enjoy this beauty and record them on paper and photos.

If you go to Uzhgorod in summer you can enjoy blossoming limes trees and breath air filled with their flavor. The lime alley in Uzhgorod is the longest alley in Europe; it stretches for 2200 meters along the river Uzh. When we say summer we mean all 3 months coz there are different kinds of lime trees and they blossom in different period. Beauty of the alley, river and landscape you can see from the stone footbridge that connects two parts of the city. On the bridge you can make a wish that for sure will come true.

If you travel with children it will be interesting for them to go to the children railway with small colored wagons that is near the botanical garden. Or go to the botanical garden or Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture which is near the castle. In the museum you will find examples of artwares, old wooden houses, farms of Romanians and Hungarians, church of St. Archangel Mihail, school, smithery, mill, tavern and belfry.

Transcarpathian or Hungarian cuisine you can taste in any restaurant. If you go to restaurant or café order some baking. When you try it you will understand that it is the best you ever eat. Croissants, muffins, cakes, pies and other sweets will not only improve your mood but be the best part of the day. After spending there few days you will understand that you want to stay here to live.

If you look for a nice hotel with good service and comfortable rooms there are plenty of them. One hotel we can recommend is the Praha. Here you can not only relax and have dinner but also organize business meetings and rent a car for trips in Ukraine and abroad, transportation services or personal driver.

When Uzhgorod is not enough and you plan to visit its neighborhood go to one more picturesque place – Nevitsky castle. To get there you definitely need a car coz it is near a Kamenitsa village that in 12 km from Uzhgorod. The castle was built on the top of dormant volcano crater. It is situated in very picturesque region and became a favorite place of many people who come there to spend their weekends or holidays.

After excursions in Uzhgorod neighborhood you can go new castles in Transcarpathia and visit Mukachevo. The road from Uzhgorod to Mukachevo will take 40-50 minutes coz the distance is 42km. When you come to the town the first that catches your eye is its main attraction Palanok castle. It is built on the top of 68 meters mountain. When you drive to the castle you go along spiral road that leads to the castle gates. Near the gates there is a parking where you can leave your car and go to excursion. When you enter the castle you can see how old it is and how old are its walls. This castle reminds in documents dated from the IX century. Palanok was under the rule of many rich families, it faced many wars and attacks, it was a prison and technical school, nowadays it is a historical museum that keeps its legends, magnificence and attracts tourists from all over the world.

If you continue excursion ad go to the city center, you can leave the car not far from the main square and go for a walk. All people who come there for few hours or days definitely fall in love with it. It is a small town with nice houses, churches, cathedrals streets and open summer cafes. Mukachevo reminds Uzhgorod in its architecture style and “soul” of the town.
Its central square is not big, there is a city hall that is more than 100 years, it is decorated with two bells. On the front of the city hall there is a monument to Cyril and Methodius. At the other end of the square there is St. Martin church who is the patron of the city. Near the church there is a Gothic chapel of St. Joseph (XVI cent.). Square is very picturesque and nice during warm period of the year, there are small cafes where you can taste wonderful cakes and coffee that you will never find in Kyiv for a very reasonable price.

In 5 minutes from the square on the right hand of the street you can find a real "White House" called Rakozy-Schenborn palace built in the 18th century. Now in this building situated the Mukachevo Art Institute. Many years ago it was one-story building with mixture of renaissance and baroque styles and had an open gallery. The building was white and decorated with pink elements, so the name of the palace takes its origin from its color.

The main Orthodox shrine in Mukachevo is the St. Nicholas Monastery. According to the legend it was built in the 9th century by kyivan monks. It has saint relics and people always come to them from Ukraine and abroad. Another church, you can visit here is Catholic Church, built in 1829 – 1859 and renovated in the 1990s.

In Mukachevo you will spend nice time and enjoy its hospitality. But if it is not enough for you you can go to Beregvar that in 10 km from Mukachevo. Here you can visit an old hunting lodge Shenborn. The lodge was built in the first half of the XVIII century. It was built with the dominance of neo-gothic and renaissance elements. In the lodge there are 365 windows, 52 rooms and 12 entrances that correspond to the number of days, weeks and months of the year. Near Shenborn there is an English park and lake. The form of the lake reminds geographical form of Austria-Hungary on the map. So if you want to be for some time in a fairy-tale go to Beregvar. Here you will not only visit the hunting lodge but also its tales and legends, spend few hours on the fresh air, walk and feel like you live in time of knights.

Beautiful mountains, Ukrainian festivals and concerts, historical places, ski and health resorts, hand-made souvenirs, national food and many other interesting things anyone can find in Transcarpathia. Uzhgorod, Mukachevo and other towns and villages have many legends and tales that attract people from Ukraine and abroad. If you want to spend nice time in Transcarpathia or go abroad don’t hesitate and contact Avis, we will help to make your trip comfortable. Enjoy your vacation and let Avis to care about your trip.

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