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Car Leasing

We help to form and maintain fleets for company needs.
Leasing from Avis Ukraine is an efficient way to finance and maintain vehicles.
It’s main point is in a long-term car rent with a right of buy out or return it at the end of leasing term.

At Avis Ukraine you can use the operational leasing service.

This is a form of lease, which assumes that the object of leasing remains in the ownership of the lessor. The majority of audit companies recommends to its clients operational leasing for a fully legal optimization of taxation. This recommendation has a number of objective reasons: leasing payments are 100% deductible from gross expenses and the company receives a tax credit with VAT. This enables significant savings to income tax, without diverting funds from the balance for the purchase of new cars. In addition, the risk of residual value is also borne by the leasing company.
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